Bowling Techniques Classes

Village Lanes Bowling Center

Gloucester Va.



Instruction in Bowling

Offered By The Proshop
Joe Moore
A Silver Certified Coach
Phone: 757-291-2450

Each time you visit us, we will help you with an evaluation of your bowling technique and any areas of concern you may have to improve your game. These sessions are designed to help all bowling levels from Beginners to Professionals.

We can cover any areas of your game and have listed a few below:

  • Approach
  • Timing
  • Follow Thru
  • Alignment
  • Leverage Point
  • Improve Leverage (Pin Carry)
  • Improve Arm Swing
  • Proper Calculated Moves
  • Proper adjustments on Oil Patterns.
  • Analyze Individual Actions

The Tunnel:

Used to learn To Roll The Ball and not Throw The Ball to improve pin carry.
insert Photo For The Tunnel

The Blind:

Improves Concentration and Spare Shooting by knowing

How Many Boards to move Left or Right.

Double Bar:

Used to improve the Follow Thru by rolling the ball and

continuing The Follow Thru to the Break Point.

Hanging Bar:

Used to improve your Cross Ally Shooting etc. Ex. 10 pin or 7 pin.


Improve your Ball Roll by stopping your Shoulder Swing

at the right time and increasing your Leverage Release.

Practice In Action

Watch A Practice With A New Ball!

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