Bowling Gloucester Virginia

Instruction in Bowling Techniques


Offered By The Proshop

Joe Moore
A Silver Certified Coach
Phone: 757-291-2450



Every Tuesday Starting At 10:00 AM.

We will continue each Tuesday as long as we have the interest of the bowlers.

We will be using special training aids during the session.

Cost: $10.00 Per Student for Each 2 Hour Session.

Each time you visit us, we will help you with an evaluation of your bowling tecnique and any areas of concern you may have to improve your game. These sessions are designed to help all bowling levels from Beginners to Professionals.

We can cover any areas of your game and have listed a few below:

Visit us on Tuesdays anytime you need help with a particular skill or part of your game.

  1. Approach

  2. Timing

  3. Follow Thru

  4. Alignment

  5. Leverage Point

  6. Improve Leverage (Pin Carry)

  7. Improve Armswing

  8. Proper Calculated Moves

  9. Proper adjustments on Oil Patterns.

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